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  • Supported by the community of more than 10,000 members those who enthusiastically love Japanese soul culture such as Painting / Anime / Manga / Novel / Music and so on.
  • The community has “Crypto University”, which is the place to exchange information of Crypto Currency for DeFi experts and also to educate intermediate people to improve their Block-chain knowledge.
  • The founder of Ninja DAO, Ikehaya (@IHayato | ikehaya-nft.eth), is one of the most talented SNS infulencers in Japan. He has been putting his efforts to establish an NFT collectible called “Cprypto Ninja” and raise up Ninja DAO community. Recently, some of popular Japanese musicians and artists have bought the NFTs to express their support.

Crypto Ninja Fan Art

Crypto Ninja officially supports Fan Art, which means they encourage fans to generate secondary digital art using the Crypto Ninja characters.

With most cases of secondary arts, there are issues from IP perspective. Usually the originators don’t like to admit to sell the secondary art or artifacts without fees. And the artists would hesitate to sell secondary art work even if it shows superb originarity on it. We are missing lots of young people, who could have become famous and lived by their art work but ended up with giving up their desired future.

However, Crypto Ninja is trying to break that situation. They would like to provide artists with opportunities to perform and show their work using Crypto Ninja. Most artist are not so good at marcketing their work, but Crypto Ninja have the way to go.

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First to read before joining Ninja DAO

Here is the blog article to read first if you’d like to join the community.

The details to be followed…